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Created on 21 July 2013 Written by Editor
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Sunday Breakfast – Serena Hotel, Kigali
There is no better place to treat yourself or your family than with breakfast the the Kigali Serena Hotel. Healthy, delicious, wide variety of fruits, juices and pastries at your disposal. You will not need to eat anymore that day!








Business Lunch – Hotel de Milles Collines
Tired of the same usual lunch buffets in town that serve the same dishes every single day? Try the Business Lunch at Hotel des Milles Collines and what’s even more amazing about it – they have your busy schedule in mind, it takes less than 15 minutes to get your order to you and you can go back to work as soon as you hoped!








Notre meillieure cuisine Indienne – Khana Khazana
Cuisine indienne incroyable dans un cadre très agréable. Personnel courtois et disponible! Le naan au fromage, les boulettes de légumes sont tout simplement les plus délicieux. La nourriture indienne est fantastiquement savoureuse et authentique. Bien présentée et en généreuse portion. L’ambiance du soir est la meilleure.







Strandz Hair Saloon - The Lemigo Hotel
Taking care of your needs from head to toe in absolute comfort, and I did not even have to move at all. I was served by the pedicurist, the stylist, everyone - right there. What’s more, everyone kept asking if I was ok, did I want anything more? - All with a smile on their faces, and with no boss around to impress. I don’t remember being treated so well lately!








Un chauffeur hors pair
Said Murabirwa est le premier chauffeur de taxi que j’ai eu qui m’a envoyé un mail à la fin de notre contrat de 2 jours pour me dire à quel point il était content d’avoir travaillé avec moi. Tout au long des jours, il a été disponible, ponctuel, gentil et jamais trop bavard. Il pouvait même me faire des suggestions par rapport aux clients qui pourraient être intéressés par le travail que je proposais au marché rwandais. Appelez le sur le 078 851 1211 ou simplement écrivez à This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Janvier, informaticien à l’année
Les soucis d’ordinateur, ce n’est vraiment pas ma tasse de thé. Heureusement que j’ai un informaticien qui me sauve la vie à chaque fois. Serviable, Janvier Ruhigisha est toujours présent dès qu’on le sollicite. Comme cette fois où, en voyage en Afrique de l’Ouest, ma connexion wifi ne fonctionnait pas. Je demande autour de moi, personne!!! Enervée, j’envoie un message sur Facebook à Janvier qui me répond tout de suite. Et même, si on était la veille de Pâques, il a pris le temps de m’appeler par Skype pour une intervention en ligne. 20 minutes plus tard, mon problème était résolu.

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Created on 30 November -0001 Written by Dr. Wolfgang H Tghome
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As a frequent traveler I use airport lounges where available and hotel lounges where on offer for guests staying on Executive or Club Floors or using suites.

For those in the know, the lounges in the Gulf region are legend, in particular of course the First Class and Business Class lounges of such carriers as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad or Gulf Air in their home airports, and much else then is a bit of a letdown, being both spoiled and able to compare quality and how PR talk matches up to reality.

In Kigali the Pearl Lounge is a recent addition, spacious enough for most times except when Brussels Airlines, KLM, Kenya Airways and RwandAir all have outgoing flights at once. Still, the atmosphere there is calmer and with snacks and drinks on offer, free Internet and reading material, plus a direct view on to the apron from the window seats, it is well worth even paying a nominal fee if not travelling in the front cabin with the accompanying entitlement for a lounge pass.

The Kenya Airways lounges at JKIA are bursting at the seams, again, as a result of more flights, more premium class passengers and more SkyTeam partners now coming to Nairobi, but an extension of the upstairs lounge is soon to be opened, again doubling the available space to give some peace and quiet even during peak connection times.

Seychelles another world, even at their airport lounge which as during previous visits presented itself as smart, clean and calm, the double glazing of the windows overlooking the runway and apron keeping all the noises out.

A centre piece business centre offers 4 desktop screens for internet access, which for users of laptops or handheld devices also comes via wireless connection, and a little buffet set up has a variety of snacks, sandwiches, finger food and even a cheese board available, plus a decent wine selection, savoir vivre on the ground before taking to the skies.

Compliments to them for keeping that little gem in good shape and their friendly staff ever ready to rush to ones side the moment a head turns more than once or twice .

Hotel lounges are quite different in their function and for access. Some of Nairobis leading hotels have residents lounges where all residents can enter, read papers, have a cup of tea in some cases chargeable and move away from the public areas which tend to become busy in particular if the hotel restaurants and bars are popular with the locals.

Such facilities definitely contribute to making a business visit to Nairobi a success and many chance meetings with fellow travelers have subsequently yielded results, simply by having opted for the right hotel with the right facilities.
By Wolfgang H Thome


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Created on 17 March 2013 Written by Aryantu Otti
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Dear Bourbon,

BY Aryantu OTITI

You may not care to hear from me but I feel we have known each other too long for me to leave without saying goodbye. I am a self-confessed non-apologetic coffee drinker and when I met you five years ago, I fell in love with you helplessly and we had a blissful honeymoon. I have many friends and I brought all my friends to you. We were so in love I visited you at least three times a week.

I drank your coffee by the gallon, I missed that you did not have a bottomless offer! I ate your cakes and your fries, brought my children and their friends to eat some more.

Over time, you started taking short cuts, the cappuccino was no longer great, it tasted like watery latté and honestly I do not like the smell of milk in my coffee. I gave you many chances but finally I had to give it up. The Black Forest dropped off my list early, I did not know what to call it but it certainly did not taste like Black Forest any more, but that’s OK, I could still try the apple pie. Gradually, the tramazine changed too and was dry and made me think left over chicken had been put together on a dry bun. I had to drop the Tango Mango which I loved, the mango seemed to be diluted with something that tasted like packed juice and would separate into two layers in my glass.

But I stayed and kept coming, you don’t just drop old friends like that, you keep hoping they will return to the good old one you knew! However, I had to ad- just to your declining standards every time I came. I started to see fewer of the familiar faces and the tables were often empty when I came but I would still have to wait a long time to get service.
Still I stayed, I got tired of filling in your service forms and decided to speak to the waiters every time I was unhappy. They didn’t seem to care.

My family started preferring a homemade sandwich after church on Sunday to a visit to Bourbon Nyarutarama. I reduced my visits slowly and unwillingly and started to ‘visit’ some other places. A few months ago, I realized the only thing I could order confidently was ice cream! A few Sundays ago, the divorce was signed.

Dear Bourbon after getting my family to relent to another visit for Sunday lunch, I wondered why I kept coming – we waited a full hour to be served - with hungry children, there were very few customers who all seemed to be waiting endlessly. The nuggets looked like stringed chicken and were as hard as crust, the sandwiches were served on burnt bread with hardly any meat and the beef stroganoff was hard and tasted like reboiled meat, basically every plate we ordered was messed up. I pointed it all to the waitress and asked her to let the chef know. It seems like it was ‘burnt offerings at Bourbon’ that day, the couple at the next table ate the meat off their sandwiches and left the burnt bread alone. I don’t know if they complained.

Dear Bourbon, I may love you still but my patience has run out and I have to say goodbye. I will not be coming back except to drink some bottled water or a Coke – when I am not in a hurry! >/div>

Your loyal Customer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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