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Created on 12 July 2016 Written by Sandra Idossou
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Want to indulge yourself in paradise for exclusive life-moments such as weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries or for simple escapades to unwind? No need to go far because Kenya is beautiful; with remote and unspoilt destinations, charming people, diverse cultures, delicious food and a great wildlife wrapped in warm hospitality.

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Created on 18 December 2014 Written by Sandra Idossou
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There are some places on our beautiful continent that no matter how many times one has visited, they always have to be rediscovered over and over again…simply because they are so unique and full of surprises.

Mombasa, the coastal city of Kenya, is one of these magical places that will always leave one refreshed. Well, I must admit that at the airport in Brazzaville, three different people working at the airport asked where exactly was Mombasa…because it surely isn’t part of the tourist destina- tions known in other parts of Africa.

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Created on 23 September 2013 Written by Sandra Idossou
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I had planned to get home first before starting to write my experience of Barcelona but sitting right here in the comfortable lounge of the Turkish Airways in Istanbul seems like the perfect place to start. This lounge others every passenger an opportunity to unwind, relax and socialize while waiting for the connecting flight. In the end, my two-hour transit was too short. I did not have enough time to taste the di"erent delicacies and the great wines and champagnes.

The Awesome Business class
This journey started five days ago in Kigali when I embarked in the business class of the Best European Airline. Turkish Airlines’ attention to details makes all the dfference and I now understand why passengers voted it the best in Europe. Saying that service was superb is an understatement. Service was simply “wow”. I felt pampered. The comfort in the seats that convert into flat-bed seats, the variety of personal entertainment system, the dishes with the freshest ingredients were the best I have had in the air so far.

Visiting Barcelona
I booked a two-day transport with the tourism bus that has three lines to explore the city entirely. What a great opportunity to wander around the ancient winding streets where many of the buildings date from medieval times. The open-top Double- Decker bus offered different tours that highlighted all the things to do in the city.

El Pablo Espanyol on the mountain Montjuic
This was a unique journey through 40.000m2 discovering the autonomous regions of Spain and admiring the buildings and strolling through typical Spanish houses. It was great to meet and chat with some of the 40 artisans working in their workshops.

Admiring Gaudí’s grand designs
Any art lover will simply admire the numerous and fairytale works of Gaudi in Barcelona, the famous Spanish architect and leader of Catalan Modernism. Gaudí’s works reflect his distinctive style and are largely concentrated in the Catalan capital of Barcelona. It is said that the beauty about Barcelona is that its key sights are world famous.

Sagrada Familia
This old church started by Antoni Guadia is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona. Though it requires one to be immensely patient to queue and finally access the Cathedra, it is worth the wait to admire the beauty of this construction that started way back in 1882.

Walking down Les Rambles
The rambles,known as one of the most famous boulevards in the world is definitely one of the must see places in Barcelona. . Strolling down the gateway to rural Catalonia, the Rambles is a mile-long road that bustles with tourists, artists, human statues, fortune-tellers, dancers, musicians, markets, cafés etc.

FC Barca club
There is no way one can visit Barcelona without visiting the mythic FC Club of Barca where Maradonna, Messi and the rest made history. The tour of the stadium is also worth the queue to visit the home of one of the best teams in the world. The tour starts with the museum, then the stadium itself then ends with the vestiaires where all these great footballers sit.

Go for a jog up the magical Montjuïic or try the teleferic
Montjuïic is perfect for a leafy stroll or hearty jogging because of the great views. For an energetic jogging session, I climbed to the top of the hill, which is just a short distance from the 1992 Olympic stadium.

Shop; shop; and shop until your wallet is empty
One of the best ways to shop in this city,is to make the 30-minute pilgrimage just outside the city to Roca Village. Hundreds of shops carry designer goods and o!er good discounts throughout the year. Break up the long shopping trips and discover some of
the tapas of Spain.

Spending 3 days in Barcelona is definitely a memorable experience but what makes the journey more memorable is definitely the comfort offered by Turkish Airlines’ excellent service.

Stay Barcelona is a tourist destination with several options of accommodation from 1 star to Palaces. My recommendation will be the Alexandra hotel that o!ers excellent service, a spa, a shuttle bus to and from the airport and city center.

Dine Out You will not even know what to choose. You must try some tapas and Paella. Picking on pintxos, platters of bite-sized food served on bread (a Basque version of tapas), is a popular culinary trend in Barcelona.

Night Life You need to find passion for fiesta and join a flamenco club. Barcelona has its fair share of live music venues and theatres with marvelous concert halls all around town. TSM
The Yeperienced Turkish Airlines’ service!

By Sandra Idossou
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