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Created on 13 January 2016 Written by Lamelle Shaw
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East African Nights of Tolerance Festival (EANT)                 

This 4 day festival in its 4th year, took place from November 19-22 at different venues in Kigali. Starting at St Paul’s, the event included performances by 12 dance troupes from all over Africa. This year’s theme was “Carte Blanche” (Speak out your Mind) allowing the dancers and choreographers to come up with any themes and issues they wanted to highlight. It also marked their first collaboration with AMDA the African Mashariki Dance Association which holds similar festivals in different countries such as the ‘Time2dance Festival’ in Tanzania, the ‘Nairobi Festival of Performance and Media Arts’ and the Ugandan ‘Guerilla Arts Dance Camp’. The purpose is to encourage the growth and support of a regional creative community.

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