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Created on 09 June 2012 Written by Manisha Dookhony
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I come from Mauritius and one of the biggest selling points of the country (whether you are promoting investment, goods or tourism) is the hospitality of the people.

In practice this translates to two very simple things: a smile and a greeting.

At the airport, people in charge of passenger security will all be smiling and greeting you.

When a taxi takes you from the airport, the welcome and chat of the taxi guy will make you think that he is a marketing agent for his country. If a person is lost, there is always more than one person around to offer guidance and if you ask a traffic police the way… he may step in his vehicle and drive you to where you are heading.

At the hotel, part of the job description seems to be to smile and greet! A smile and the greeting can go a very long way. Everything within the hospitality package starts with a smile and a greeting. As Rwanda works towards better customer service, the lesson from Mauritius is a good guide towards its simplicity.

Smile and Greet, and don’t do it just for yourself but think of the entity you work within and think of Rwanda.

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