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Created on 18 December 2012 Written by TSM Reporter
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Testimonies of GBV survivors at Gihundwe OSC

PEP treatment for defiled girls In the village of Mirara located on Nkombo Island, a 13-year-old school girl (Names withheld) while on her way back from school, was trapped and raped by her uncle.

Her mother Franciose, was distraught when she found her daughter in a terrible state at her brothers home. Unlike many who keep silent, Francoise rushed to report the case to the local authorities who referred her to the Police and eventually started a witch-hunt with the locals. The perpetrator was caught and placed behind bars for prosecution.

“It was the Police who brought us to the centre for treatment. I want to thank all those people who helped to catch that man,” said Francoise. Regarding her health, Antoinette says she feels that her health will improve because she got quick treatment at the centre. It was her second visit at the OSC to receive her PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) treatment.

Child defilement is one of the highest cases the Gihundwe OSC handles. In some instances, child abuse statistics are higher than the cases of GBV among adults—for example in the 1st quarter of 2012, 52 cases of defilement were recorded among girls below 18 years while 35 cases of abused adult women were reported at the Gihundwe OSC.

Breaking the cycle of violence Veronique Mukashyaka has suffered at the violent hands of her husband for seven years. It wasn’t the first time she has been admitted in a critical condition at the Gihundwe OSC. “My husband beats me all the time because I have no children with him. Even though we are legally married, he brought another woman at our home and always torments me saying I should leave,” said the 32-year-old farmer’s wife.

Domestic violence is the most common form of GBV reported among adults at the One Stop Centres. This is mostly inflicted by husbands on their wives. Due to economic dependence Mukashyaka has no other place to go. “I asked him to give me my share of the property we built together for seven years so that I can leave and start a new life elsewhere but he refused,” said Mukashyaka. Through the One Stop centre, she is trying to get legal separation with the help of a lawyer.

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