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Created on 23 June 2015 Written by Jerry O. Were
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Ever wondered why it has become so common to walk into hotels, restaurants or other eateries only to find empty seats with a handful of waiters gathered in a corner or doing their own things?Even some of the most beautiful properties have not been sparedthis ‘disturbing sight”.

Contrary to the common understanding thatpeople patronizehospitality establishments for food, beverage and accommodation, the game changer has always been the ‘how’ factor which always manifests itself in the form of guest experience. By nature, any hospitality oriented business sells experiences.

To help you understand what it really takes to sell an experience, picture this: a frozensamosain a supermarket is a product, delivering it to your door is a service, but serving it with a smile in a restaurant is an experience.


An experience needs constant engagement between the buyer and the seller throughout the life of that experience. Such engagement is necessary because an experience does not have a “warranty period.” You would not like a restaurant that guarantees only the first hour of your lunch or dinner, would you? The seller has to be around the whole time to ensure that they deliver the total experience.


An experience is also more than the sum of its product and service. In a restaurant, beyond the food and service, what also matters is the ambience, other patrons and many minordetails. Any of these have the potential to spoil the entire experience. That is because an experience is inherently short-lived (but long-remembered) and often completely discretionary. Hence, the onus is on the provider to get it right in its entirety, every time, for every guest.

The shorter the duration of the experience, the more amplified every little annoyance the customer feels. A baby screaming at the next table can spoil a two-hour restaurant experience more easily than a two-week holiday.

A true experience is where the expected value proposition is the experience itself; not just the product or service.

The writer works as General Manager, Nyungwe Forest Lodge –Rwanda


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Created on 23 June 2015 Written by Benson Kabugi Wamwea
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Water boils at 100° Celsius. It takes a lot of energy to get the water molecules to 100°. It also takes a great deal of energy to get the molecules to 99°. Yet at 99° that water will not boil. That extra 1° makes all the difference.

Assume your life's destiny is symbolised by the boiling water. All the effort you put in, the challenges that you face and overcome, they are the energy it takes to get the water boiling.

To hit 100° will cost you a lot of time and effort. Great toil, sweat, hard work, sleepless nights... It is easy to give up as you get weary towards the end, as you start getting frustrated by your efforts and running out of resources. As you lose faith in your dream or lose sight of the goal.

Even if you get to 99°, your water will not boil. And you will be no different from the person who left their water at room temperature. The 1° makes all the difference. It represents that final stretch you have to make to reach your goal. It is that last shot a striker must pull off after dribbling around all the mid fielders and defenders and all that's left is him and the goalkeeper. It is what brings your moment of crowning glory.

This year I urge you to heat your water all the way. That final 1° will cost you heavily. Pay the price, the results will amaze you. Maybe your 1° is a business pitch you needed to make but are afraid. Perhaps it is an engagement ring you need to get for your girlfriend. Maybe it is a job application you need to send in. Perhaps it is an examination you need to pass. Or maybe it is an extra qualification you need to add to your resume. Could it be the gym you've been planning to join? Or the morning jog you've been wishing to start?


You dreamt all these big dreams. You started to chase them and gave up along the way. Finish the race, my friend. I dreamt of being a pilot. I started classes. I will finish them. I will give it that last 1°. Will you?

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