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Created on 18 December 2014 Written by Manisha Dookhony
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If you have been to RZ Manna, a coffee shop in Nyarutarama, you will agree that the staff is extremely courteous. When you step in, you get a welcome greeting, a bow and a smile and when you are leaving, often someone will hold the door for you and wish you goodbye.  The place draws you back with its very warm atmosphere.

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Created on 18 December 2014 Written by Henrietta Rugamba
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Marketing is a 50-year-old discipline; it is very young, as you can date other disciplines such as architecture and engineering to the early BC. Even if they were in a very pure and unrefined state, they still have origins to thousands of years ago. This probably causes the misinterpretation that marketing is still being molded and defined, as it is centuries behind other disciplines.

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