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Created on 19 October 2015 Written by GAD OPONDO
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Social Media has become too big for businesses, government and Non-Profit organizations to ignore. Is your organization ‘social media ready’?


Do you have a corporate strategy in place to handle this audience and customer shift to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp?


Can your organization satisfy the 71% of your audience who expect a response on Social Media within 1 hour?


Having a corporate Social Media presence is the first step in being social media ready.


Whether you have a corporate social media account or not, you are already on social media since your social media audience is already talking about you (and to you)...even in your absence!

However, it will be disastrous to plunge yourself into the muddied waters of social media without a solid plan. Having a plan in place before engaging ensures that you are strategically placed to:


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Created on 19 October 2015 Written by GLORIA A. IRIBAGIZA
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Finding fulfillment, creatively, spiritually and economically is a dynamic way of creating social change in today’s youth culture. Olivier Ngobyiyumuco Habiyaremye (27)carries the ability to mobilize, attract and retain his creative talent in a way that inspires other Rwandan youth.


He is an entrepreneur, artist, producer, sound engineer, motion, graphics and picture editor and animator. Currently working at Christian Life Assembly, he also manages a company called H264 + Waves.


Coming from a scientific and diverse educational background in Bio-Chemistry in high school, he earned a B.A in Environmental Chemistry and  plays the piano, guitars, drums and violin.

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