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Hurray...we are four years old!

As I reflect on this long, painful but very rewarding journey of publishing a free educative magazine that focuses on improving service delivery, I feel blessed to have had this opportunity and to have worked with some exceptional people. The ServiceMag was born out of a passion to share knowledge and at the time of starting, I knew nothing about publishing. As you can imagine, my publishing days are not always filled with joy and happiness. Some are filled with uncertainties, doubts, fear, anger, disappointments etc. But my constant desire to make an impact while I am alive has kept me going.

As a team, we often run from a rush of adrenaline, filled with excitement. Now that we plan to grow bigger and better and distribute regionally, we know for sure, the hardships have made us stronger.

The scarcity of sponsors and advertisers, the disappearance of designers at the eve of publishing, facing a court case because we mistakenly used a photograph instead of another one, a whole year’s profit given away to tax authorities because of penalties of delay of payment (delays due to non payments of clients) and many more difficulties have been good lessons for us.

As Thomas Edison said, “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves”. After this short experience of four years, we can boldly say that being entrepreneurs is a pain but also a joy. We know we have helped to create awareness about the benefits of excellence service.

Obviously, we are very thankful to the wonderful people who have supported us and even to those who stabbed us in the back. They have all contributed to making us better.

Today we are stronger. Today, we know what we didn’t know four years ago. Today, we know that improving service delivery is not only a Rwandan challenge; it is in fact a regional concern. As we start our entry into the East African region starting with Burundi, we know the best is yet to come.

So Burundi, here we come, determined and ready to make an impact!



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